Kilmer Capital Partners is a leader in making private equity investments in small to mid-sized businesses undergoing periods of rapid growth, significant change or ownership transition.

Our team of investment managers have a long history of partnering with management teams with vision. We have built a successful track record backing Canada's strongest business leaders to effect plans that transform their businesses from entrepreneurially-run, small to mid-sized Canadian companies, to professionally run national and international success stories.

In addition to providing capital, we'll roll up our sleeves and assist management when requested. Our long history as owners and investors in Canada is reflected in the quality of our collective relationships and experiences which we bring to every opportunity for the benefit of our management partners. Furthermore, our in-house human resources, accounting, tax, legal, treasury and due diligence capabilities are often leveraged by our portfolio companies.

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Kilmer Capital portfolio company Altasciences recently acquired Vince and Associates of Overland Park, Kansas, which manages early development clinical drug trials.

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Executive Affiliate Program

Kilmer partners with executives in targeted industries in order to provide increased strategic value to its management partners. We are focused in the areas of Food, Health and Wellness, Consumer and Industrial Products and later-stage IT.


SMTC is a provider of electronic manufacturing services to OEMs including industry leaders such as Alcatel, ATI, Dell, EMC, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Lucent through multiple facilities in Canada, the United States and Mexico. SMTC is publicly traded on both the NASDAQ and TSX.

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Altasciences is a leading Canadian pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO). Based in Laval, Quebec, the company provides customers with outsourced solutions for the drug development process including clinical trials, laboratory analyis, sample storage, and regulatory services. Altascience’s customers include major Canadian, U.S. and European generic, innovative and biotech pharmaceutical firms.

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